A New name in the field of supplying Oral / Maxillofacial & Plastic Surgery Implants & Instruments. Our aim to provide quality Indian Implants & Instruments at best price That consistently meet all requirements of its customers.The Implants are produced by special manufacturing process on CNC machine centre to Achieve dimensional accuracy and special surface treatment to resist corrosion free of Instruments.  “ LOYAL “ remains committed to enhancement of customer satisfaction by continuous Improvement in all aspects of only management system & product realization.
• Metallurgically stable & corrosion resistant material
• The implants are laser marked for identification &  traceability
• Elegant colours shades for identification the diameter of plates and screws.
• Permanent high quality at affordable price.
• Instruments are hardened enough to avoid breakage and edge damage.
• Special designed are developed by us with consultation of surgeons.
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